October 2, 2007

Talking about that anatomy…

According to fresh ratings Grey’s Anatomy continues to loose its catch on viewers. CSI won the battle of Thursday night’s tv-audience according to the Nielsen ratings. Now I don’t want to say I told you so. Actually, I kinda do, but that is besides the point.

Most hit-shows focusing on drama and relationships last three season. Max. Then the storylines die out, and that one tangled messy romance get’s too effed for reality. So McDreamy and Meridith are still at it, or not, or are they? Only Shonda Rhimes knows for sure, and she will presumably try to squeeze out as much juicy crazyness from those two and the hard-core fans as is ever possible. The Izzy/George situation is really the only slightly interesting activity left. After the fourth season, though, just let it rest. That way, we can cherish the success it was.

In other news Heroes ratings are down as well. Will the phenomenon survive? Of course, or NBC will have to rely on Bionic Woman which, in all honesty, may not be the safest financial move.

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…oh and remember to start tuning in to Supernatural on the CW, thursday nights guys!


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