October 9, 2007

WB president says no more female leades

Jeff Robinov, the president of production at Warner Brothers, has made the (confirmed and real) statement that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead." This was, apparently, the result of 'The brave one' (starring Jodie Foster) and 'The Invasion' (Nicole Kidman) failing to make more than $34 million and $15 million respectively.


No more female leads here. He's still working there? When will they fire him? No really, when. I want to throw a minor party. The guy clearly forgot all about Million Dollar Baby and the likes. Plus, while The Brave one brought in less than expected to the box office I still highly doubt a) that this was a direct result of a female lead or b) that the WB made the expected winnings off every movie starring a dude.

The whole conversation just seems absurd. Poor guy, probably just made a statement in a rush. Still, thugh. Public apology or let him go. The guy obviously has problems picking winning movies, don't blame the talented ladies (or lads if you're heading there next). If the script is crappy, don't do the movie. This is not about female leads, this is about a guy who made some bad and costly decisions. Shame on him. Shame on the WB for just confirming and not making clear statements against these ideas.

Booooo... Go see the brave one in blatant protest!


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