June 15, 2008

GG proves a point

Eric ala GG


Adorable Connor Paolo, who plays lil' bro Eric Van Der somethingorother on the CWs teen drama Gossip Girl, has had an interesting twist for his character as of late. Although Schwartz has lost some (a lot) of that initial hardcore teen drama touch he had with early OC (and early GG episodes too), Connor's performance as well as the writing of this brother-centered episode upped the enjoyment levels a notch.

Turns out, after many rumours, that Eric and Jenny was not going to happen after all, not since this boy with a maturity level far beyond his age had figured out his stance on his sexuality.

Cudos for adding a little frisky twist to the storylines, but also for not batting around with cliches too much when it comes to issues of this nature. Oh wait, they did that! Nonetheless, a good eppi.

The rest of the latter part of the season though? Well, in true Josh Schwartz fashion there was bitchyness, relapses, drama, and faltering storylines already in the first season. Repetitive doesn't always work in the long run. The UPs include Blair's storylines, Nate and Chuck's friendship in all it's loyal quirkyness, and hey Serena pulled a Marissa and 'killed' someone... only she didn't... and there were drugs... but she didn't actually... only she did... and then Dan... and the confusion... and then Ryan...

Oh, hang on. Which show was which again?

Anyhow... Let's hope the CW makes sure those producers spend a little less of the budget on the clothing and a little more on, well, refreshing the show. Teens need their weekly drama too, let's make it quality drama guys!

xo xo

ps. There's just something about him, and if you wanna see more of Connor's acting check out 'Alexander' (the movie), or the first hour at least. He plays young Alex, and get's to sit by Angelina Joile.

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