November 24, 2007

4 cents/DVD for the writers

There is a big ninety-DVDs-in-a-box collection called the United Artists 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection which could be yours for the affordable (note the sarcasm) sum of $869.00.

Now the writers share per box is approximately $3.60. That’s four whole cents per sold DVD.

Oh, and as Nikki Fine points out that’s only for the movies post 1960. Those made before that, well, they get nothing. Nada. Scrap…

Poor wealthy writers creating all our tv enjoyment over there in Hollywood, yeah it’s so hard to understand why they’d want a bit more of the million dollar cake when without them the tv stops spinning and films are forced to be post-poned/shut down left and right. After barely a month.

In the future the internet WILL be a huge part of the market, both in movies and tv. It already is. While a lot of people are illegaly downloading their fave TV shows, a lot are also finding the legal stuff, such as the purchasable flicks, the i-tunes, etc. Right now the writers of these performances get nothing.

Blatantly speaking, shouldn’t nothing in pay checks at some point start equaling crappier writing, or none at all? And why is it so unfair or difficult to attempt an agreement on this? I’m not excellent with math, but even I get that the studios risk loosing millions on a pro-longed strike (no matter what they say about re-newals), and they will cave at some point.

The writers are stubborn, and they’ve got no huge sums (most of them) to go back to work for, so why not stay out striking until they feel treated justly? The studios, however, will need to seriously put effort into their preparation for Monday’s talks.

Stay safe and remember to enjoy the weekend (i.e. smile a little)


Speechless- creative writers make themselves heard Betty cast
kate beckinsale & david schwimmer

Check out the speechless campaign launched by United Hollywood. Stars like Sean Penn, David Schwimmer, Kate Beckinsale, Holly Hunter etc have joined up and lend their faces and… well, lack of voices, to a United Hollywood campaign that ought to shed more light upon the necessity of our writers and creative personell.

Deadline Hollywood and Nikki Fine’s got the exclusive on this, so head over there and look for more videos and info. Check out the United Hollywood website as well and update yourself, support the pencils2mediamoguls campaign, or just find out more about the issues the strike centers on…

…like internet residuals for writers.


November 21, 2007

Stay updated

Stay updated and informed on the WGA strike, check out the following

The WGA official
Nikki Fine's Deadline Hollywood
United Hollywood

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As Variety and other (sponsored) sources have tended to give a very shrewd and one-sided version of reporting on the strike, there's good reason to check out more of the other side...


Save your shows! Pencils2Mediamoguls

Want to support your show? The future of tv? Want a fast and just resolution to the strike? Here's how you can help, anyone of you.

Remember Jericho? The fans gathered together and basically overloaded the studio by sending in truckloads of nuts. In the end, their show was set to come back. The audiences are important to the studios, we are their resources and the ones they must please to remain/get successful. We are the ratings.

At United Hollywod (basically the WGA got creative, it's what they do these days) blog you can check out how one dollar can support the writers and affect the studio CEOs.

It's a dollar per pack of pencils if you purchase them through the United Hollywood site (it's completely safe, and they use paypal). I've put down my own sparse funds into a few boxes to support my favorite show as well as all the others. The point with this campaign is to make sure the CEOs feel the pressure from the audiences and return to the tables with a fair attitude and awareness of the issues and the fans wishes.

For more information and to join in on the Mighty Pencil cause check out the United Hollywood Pencils2Mediamoguls site.

The writers are the base not only for our shows and our movies. Without their creativity and their pencils there are will be no shows and movies will start falling off one by one. The audiences are important, and wherever in the world you are and whatever show you're supporting you can make a difference.

Just remember, if you choose to send in pencils on your own make sure they are not sharpened and be polite.

Love and hoping as many of you as possible spread the word on this... Hopefully the 26 november talks will be successful.


youtube and the WGA strike

As the strike continues... Check out youtube to hear and see more of what's going on at the picket lines. There's tons of interviews with interesting and inspiring insights, some fun random blurbs, pleanty of creative writers talking and smiling, loads of the issues being discussed... Just surf around a little, get creative, and all that... It's a great way to support the striking writers in your own way (staying informed), and a fun way to learn more about your favorite shows, stars, tv making, and the issues at hand.

WGA strike, a love story

Found it adorable. What do you get when tons and tons of creative writers are forced to put their pens down? Restless writers, that's what. And what do they do? They get creative...

SP writer Ben Edlund striking

Here's a little treat. Writer and producer Ben Edlund walking the lines with his adorable kid...

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The Speechless without writers campaign

Check out the Speechless without writers campaign that's coming to a www near you soon...

A listers gather together to support the WGA as they stand before the camera speechless, and eventually hold up signs proclaiming them to be... you guessed it. Speechless.

A fun and interesting campaign that hits nerves and facts. We need our amazing writers for tv and film alike to remain artsy, creative, and all those wonderful things the audiences crave.


November 17, 2007

WGA, Jason Mraz, and other songs of Saturday night

Hey folks...

It's been a while, for which I apologize. There's been some serious crazyness going on in Hollywood and NY, and the TV/Film world in general. The WGA strike. Now a few weeks in we, the audiences, are starting to not only seriously feel the effects but also have gotten reasons to truly start sessions of group-hoping-thumb-holding for a quick and just resolution.

Clearly the writers have every right to the tiny pieces of the cake they're asking for. The online industry is a huge part of the future of cinema and especially TV. Legal downloading and distribution of the tv art these writers create for us is right now paying them nothing and the studio execs etc. loads more. Basically, this is the main issue of quarralling right now. The WGA is hoping to secure the business and rights for future generations of writers, and I applaud them in that fight.

However, if there is not a resolution to this dramtz anytime soon not only spring TV will suffer (no new eppis of our favourite shows, and no new pilots can be shot so no new shows until sometime -09). Sure, there's been talks of reality tv and game shows (big brother anyone *barfs violently in the corner*) . So support the writers any way you can, by sending pens (think the whole Jericho spectacle where fans rose up to make sure the show came back), by voicing your opinions, if you're living near go bake cup cakes for the picketers or something (or take the opportunity to run into some amazing creator and ask him/her all about everything, kindly and respectfully of course), or just by reading up on the developements and informing all your friends...

Now, recent updates are saying (from both sides of the struggle) that a back-to-the-talking-table plan is set up for November 26th, but this does NOT mean the strike will end or pause unless some quality options and agreements come out of those discussions (let's hope it'll mean a speedy and happy resolution). Studios will and are loosing money, and it may suck. But the strike could go on into June of next year. Come on, we don't want that. No one wants that.

In the end there's gonna be a solution anyhow, and a just one at that... So let's just speedy it up already and get there, say, yesterday...

Props to the show hosts like Leno and Letterman for supporting their writers, either buy handing out baked goodies or paying the salaries...

To check out news on the strike and find some good and balanced (Variety sure isn't telling the story from an objective perspective) reporting check out Nikki Fine's Deadline Hollywood site.

Oooohhh, and I was just watching Hairspray (2007), as in the recently filmed musical, with a couple of friends and John Travolta was just adorable in his role as Tracy's mom! Awh, back to the old days eh? And I must say Nikki Blonsky (Tracy Turnblad) does a fantastic job (it's her first movie)! The girl's so full of smiles and innocent yet sensible energy that is completely infectous. A must see to get up any mood over dinner. I can't believe I'm writing this, but Zac Efron really is growing into a modern day musical boy huh.

Lastly, i was introduced to Jason Mraz today as well and his overly-cheery 'I'm Yours'... Check it out, it's a bit of happy guitar, cuddly words (but not too chicky), and classic joy.

Much love darlings

Des... tPoW