November 21, 2007

Save your shows! Pencils2Mediamoguls

Want to support your show? The future of tv? Want a fast and just resolution to the strike? Here's how you can help, anyone of you.

Remember Jericho? The fans gathered together and basically overloaded the studio by sending in truckloads of nuts. In the end, their show was set to come back. The audiences are important to the studios, we are their resources and the ones they must please to remain/get successful. We are the ratings.

At United Hollywod (basically the WGA got creative, it's what they do these days) blog you can check out how one dollar can support the writers and affect the studio CEOs.

It's a dollar per pack of pencils if you purchase them through the United Hollywood site (it's completely safe, and they use paypal). I've put down my own sparse funds into a few boxes to support my favorite show as well as all the others. The point with this campaign is to make sure the CEOs feel the pressure from the audiences and return to the tables with a fair attitude and awareness of the issues and the fans wishes.

For more information and to join in on the Mighty Pencil cause check out the United Hollywood Pencils2Mediamoguls site.

The writers are the base not only for our shows and our movies. Without their creativity and their pencils there are will be no shows and movies will start falling off one by one. The audiences are important, and wherever in the world you are and whatever show you're supporting you can make a difference.

Just remember, if you choose to send in pencils on your own make sure they are not sharpened and be polite.

Love and hoping as many of you as possible spread the word on this... Hopefully the 26 november talks will be successful.


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