December 28, 2007

Ten Inch hero and strike update

Found this picture and just thought it looked so... well. Adorable?


Priestley (played by Jensen Ackles in Ten Inch Hero) supporting the strike (and still looking for backing on getting that movie from the festival touring to becoming avaliable for the rest of us).

For updates on screenings and the progress, as well as information on how to show your interest and support, check out the official sites. (P.S. They've got a blog too...)

Love (and happy hollidays)...

Quote #3, why we write (and hear voices)

"I never told anyone about these ‘voices’. I didn’t want to be labeled as a crazy. It wasn’t until I got my first staff job that I confessed my eccentricity. And that’s when I discovered that someone else heard voices, too.

Writers hear voices. Which is why I never think of writing as writing. To me, it’s more like dictation."

Written by Carol Mendelsohn (WGA Negotiating Committee member, showrunner and exec. producer of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, plus co-creator and exec. producer of CSI: Miamiand CSI: New York)for the 'Why we write'installments.

December 27, 2007

Quote #2, 'why we write'

"After getting a C minus on my Cheers script for refusing to take my professor's notes, I was one of two people in the country selected by Warner Brothers to go to Hollywood for a week. This is when I first learned to never take notes you don't agree with. If I had taken my professor's notes I'd probably be digging ditches right now instead of having my dream job of walking around in a circle holding a sign on a stick." written by Greg Garcia, the creator and exec. producer of My name is Earl, for the first insallment in the Why we write essay series.

Strike costs

Just got some numbers on teh 1988 strike. Started in March and lasted for 22 weeks, costing the industry approximately half a BILLION dolalrs. This strike is expected to exceed $200 million a month in losses (for LA) by january. This means not only the execs and studios are loosing money like crazy but there are the assistants, crews, directors, all of those currently out of work and lookign forward to a season without tv shows being recorded, and the writers are (or heading there) struggling financially...

Half a billion dollars... And turns out that apparantly the studios are happy to have a chance at cleaning up so they've pretty much made up their minds about cancelling spring tv and pilots ala 08/09... I'm hoping that's just rumors and really really bad jokes.

Support the writers at and find freash info and objective reporting on the strike at Nikki Fine's

Why we write- a series of essays

The 'why we write' installments is a series of short essays by prominent television and film writers. It was conceived by C. Craig and T. St. John (avaliable on The installments are being posted on Nikki Fine's blog

The third installment was written by Howard Gordon (executive producer of 24), and makes for a very interesting and inspiring read on the ups and downs of being a writer. Check it out fellas...

Love (and merry x mas wishes)


Letter to the entertainment execs: Pilot writers' new years wishes

I just came accross this at Nikki Fine's site, and it makes my heart all mushy and emotional. Especially the part stating it's not yet too late to save a part of the TV spring. A bunch of pilot writers got together and completed this little letter which was mailed out to 200 studio and network tv development execs. It's signed by 127 writers on strike all with pilots pending...

The writers want to get back to writing... Let them, please...

(Quote regarding the letter) "Tonight on Christmas eve, the following letter signed by 127 striking writers with pilots pending was emailed to the Hollywood CEOs and almost 200 studio and network TV development execs. "These execs are our partners in these projects," say the two people who initiated this letter and wish to remain anonymous (although I have confirmed their identities), "so we wanted to reach out in an effort to get the AMPTP back to the table while there is still a chance of getting pilot season back on track. We did our best to contact all the writers with pilots, but some were out of town or out of reach, so this does not represent ALL the writers with pilots -- only those we were able to reach who agreed to be included. This was done with the blessing and support of the WGA, but not through the WGA."

Dear (studio/network exec),

‘Tis the season. Pilot season. We, the pilot writers, feel the loss of our ongoing creative partnership, and in the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to offer our help in getting the ’08-’09 crop of television shows back on track. We’re willing to write silent night after silent night to make up for lost time if your company will only finalize a fair deal with the WGA. To do that, talks must resume. Our guild is ready and eager. We feel that what our guild is asking is more than reasonable, and we believe that you, as our partner in these new shows, know our value and know that what we are asking is not excessive.

We love our new projects. We want to create great television which would put everyone back to work and ensure prosperity for all. We know we would all like to start the new year getting back to doing what we love. If there is any way you can facilitate this process, we would be eternally grateful.

Allison Adler
Justin Adler
Jack Amiel & Michael Begler
Jeff Astrof
Katy Ballard
Alex Barnow & Marc Firek
Edward Allen Bernero
Scott Z. Burns
Cindy Caponera
Cindy Chupack
Dan Cohen & F.J. Pratt
Randy Cohen & Chris Kelly
Brad Copeland
Rick Copp
Matt Corman & Chris Ord
Carter Covington
Mark Cullen & Rob Cullen
Ed Decter
Nastaran Dibai & Jeffrey B. Hodes
J.P. Donahue & Kevin Polay
Chris Downey
Larry Doyle
Aaron Ehasz
Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg
Jacob Epstein
Stephen Falk
David Feige
Michael Feldman
Joel Fields
Christopher Fife
Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux
Dave Flebotte
R. Lee Fleming, Jr.
Dan Fogelman
Victor Fresco
Michael Frost Beckner
Jonathan Goldstein
Rob Greenberg & Suzy Mamann-Greenberg
Lyn Greene & Richard Levine
Hart Hanson
Zach Helm
William Blake Herron
David Holden
Amy Holden Jones
David Hudgins
Doug Jung
Alexa Junge
Mitchel Katlin & Nat Bernstein
Joe Keenan
Tim Kelleher
Jack Kenny
Moira Kirland
Marc Klein
Jennifer Konner & Alexandra Rushfield
Bill Kunstler
Dave Lampson & Andrew Leeds
Sheila R. Lawrence
Jim Leonard
Christine Levinson
Jeffrey Lieber
Matthew Lieberman
Angel Dean Lopez
Rob Lotterstein
Caryn Lucas
Greg Malins
Patrick Massett & John Zinman
Blake Masters
Dan McDermott
Gregg Mettler
J. Israel Miller & M.A. Fortin
Murray Miller & Judah Miller
Norman Morrill
Kevin Murphy
Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein
Michael Oates Palmer
Bob Odenkirk
Jan Oxenberg
Mark Palmer
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris
Jeffrey Richman & Suzanne Martin
Julie Rottenberg & Elisa Zuritsky
Paul Ruehl
Dario Scardapane
Robin Schiff
Dana Schmalenberg
Mike Scully & Julie Thacker-Scully
John Scott Shepherd
Mike Sikowitz
Stephanie K. Smith
Jon Steinberg
Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia
Dana Stevens
Francis Stokes
Rob Thomas
Gary Tieche
David Titcher
Stephen Tolkin
Kriss Turner
Mike Werb
Thomas Wheeler
Nicholas Wootton
Posted by Nikki Finke on Monday, Dec 24th, 2007 at 04:34PM"

December 24, 2007

X mas quote

"We’re ready any time, any place, to sit down to negotiate -- even as AMPTP members take off on holiday jaunts to Vail or Aspen or wherever it is moguls mogul."

from WGA (east) president Michael Winship's christmas statement. Already a classic...
Happy Holidays. Happy New Year.

December 19, 2007

Best story start... a long time.
I can't for the life of me remember where I read this, only that it's from a fanfiction story and that it makes we inspired to want get creative every time I read it.

"Forget all the fancy chick-flick stuff. That's what really makes a family; being fucked beyond all reason, and loving each other anyway.

I had just given my brother permission to kill me.

And he had accepted."

I can't even express how brilliant I find those two last lines, really for no reason at all it just holds so much potential and prompts so many ideas. My muse in words... =)

Hope you enjoyed it too (go write stuff... and send me links =), oh and if you can figure out where it came from please let me know so I can credit the author.


Ten Inch Hero

The "supply run" scene from the upcoming feature film Ten Inch Hero. Shown in this scene are Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris. Also Jed Williams and Reid Godshaw as the dudes in the store.

Basically, this is the way to get tampons. Men, watch and learn from Priestley.

This promising flick has been screened at multiple festivals so far and received bucketloads of praise from audiences. Support it and help them get it out to the rest of us by subscribing to the video, recommending it to your friends, and leaving honest reviewing comments in that little fancy field on their youtube account (click on the video and it'll take you there). Personally, I find Priestley very admirable, why aren't more boys like that?


No waiver for the Golden globes or Academy Awards

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So the WGA has officially declared that the waiver requested by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the NBC broadcast of the Golden globes has been rejected. As have a whole load of other request related to the possibilities of managing the annual award shows early 08. Further, everyone's expecting not only the WGA to walk the picket lines by the award shows if they do take place (and the strike isn't resolved by then) but also that the SAG (screen actors guild) to stand in solidarity with them and boycott the gala...

Basically, the oscars should be very interesting this year... Hopefully the strike is resolved by then.

"The Writers Guild has notified the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and dick clark productions that their requests for an agreement to allow writers to prepare material for the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards show have been denied."

The WGA also denied the organizers to use clips from previous shows for the presentations. Basically the WGA is continuing to play hardball, much like the other side, which is probably the only way to go. At some point the strike must come to an end, and it won't until the WGA are satisfied that they are being given the fair deal they work hard to deserve.

New numbers are circulating too, indicating the losses this strike has already (and will if it continues into early 08) resulted in not only for the studios but also for LA and California.

As the WGA-initiated strike now enters its seventh week, the strike's economic consequences are growing more severe by the day. The below-the-line workers whose families depend entirely on our industry have already lost more than $200 million in the Los Angeles area alone, and the health care benefits for many of these families are now in real jeopardy because of the WGA strike. The working writers themselves have now lost more than $115 million, and these writers are no closer today to getting their fair share of new media revenues than they were when the strike began. The economic impact to our regional economy is also growing. By January, the economic losses to the region will exceed $200 million a month, with as many as a third of the entertainment industry's 250,000 jobs jeopardized."

Keep yourself informed, and take whatever stance you feel is just and right from your perspective... Just keep in mind, without these writers hollywood won't go round in the creative artsy way we are used to. And, well, this industry is art isn't it? On some level, that has to still be fact. And all parts are necessary. Alot of people ARE loosing their jobs and abilities to make a living for themselves and their families because of this strike, very true, but at the same time the WGA cannot take all the blame for this as it is the other side doing the walking-from-the-tables and kicking of ass in quite un-justly fashions, pardon the language...


PS. Keep reading for updates and good commentary.

Variety is also reporting that the WGA decision is now official, if the strike is still reality on January 13th then the writers will picket the Golden globes. The SAG have not yet officially pronounced their standpoint (although in all likelihood they will to the most part support the WGA to gain future support for their own negotiations on new media etc.).
However, what with the security restrictions the event might take place and we would never even be able to see the picketers... Globes without any (/many) stars or nominees attending still does not seem like a big hit.

Let's hope the strike is off by then!

Mama Mia trailer

So after years of playing around the world and charming audiences with nostalgia, an utterly confusing storyline, and well written music, Mama Mia the musical is becoming Mama Mia the flick. With Meryl Streep as one of the leading roles, and Pierce Brosnan as one of the potential dad's, there is a lot of potential here. Or, at least, that's what all the generated fuzz has been implying. Check out the trailer (the movie's due sometime 2008) and then go watch the fun at your nearest cinema once the time is right.

Personally I had no idea about the storyline (I expected Benny and Björn to come up with something quite awesome actually) and when my sister took me to see it (the musical) in Stockholm I was fairly disappointed.

The highlight of the musical was seeing Björn Ulveus sitting in the audience watching his own production. And of course the music. Don't have too high expectations on the plot though... No matter, what with being Swedish the movie is something of a must see I suppose.


Franco stoned?

Now I really don't want to get sued, and after his performance in James Dean (2001)I actually had some serious respect for his acting skills, but this video simply begs so many different questions... Was he stoned? Over-caffeinated? Just really really really bad at handling interviews (although, hasn't he had at least some practice after the Spider-man trilogies)?

Watch it and make up your own minds. Personally I had to pause it repeatedly because it was simply too painful... Oh and according to PerezHilton the MTV interviewer claims this is not a spoof, but an actual attempt at getting a good and proper interview. I'm not even sure referencing like that's legal, but again I'm not at all sure what the real story behind this is so just make up your own minds...

sharing the joy

Katherine 'Izzie' Heigl to wed, T.R. 'George' Knight handles bridesmaid duties

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I find this quite adorable in every sense! Why aren't more people like this?

I hope adorable and talented Katherine and future hubby musician Josh Kelley keep their love going strong, and have a long and prosperous marriage to look forward to. All my best...

But seriously, T.R. Knight's her bridesmaid. I just am completely in love with this... And honestly, why not? It's the most natural thing ever. Screw conventional and medival customs. He'll make the hottest bridesmaid ever, and I'm pretty sure he'll manage the duties well. Can you just imagine the bachelorette party?

Best wishes,


So I have been going back and forth for years on the topic of Brad Pitt, but this interview with him by Larry King (a bonus clip from the full version) where Pitt talks warmly about the re-building project (funded by FIVE million USD from his own pocket) in New Orleans and Louisiana deserves a lot of respect.

The guy is trying to use his fame for good causes, and honestly it seems he's doing a pretty honest and good job. Let's hope people take an honest interest and keep spreading the word. Coming together in a crisis is admirable, staying together once the media coverage of said crisis halts is necessary but rare.

Check out for further information. You can contribute, whether it is by a dollar or ten thousand...


November 24, 2007

4 cents/DVD for the writers

There is a big ninety-DVDs-in-a-box collection called the United Artists 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection which could be yours for the affordable (note the sarcasm) sum of $869.00.

Now the writers share per box is approximately $3.60. That’s four whole cents per sold DVD.

Oh, and as Nikki Fine points out that’s only for the movies post 1960. Those made before that, well, they get nothing. Nada. Scrap…

Poor wealthy writers creating all our tv enjoyment over there in Hollywood, yeah it’s so hard to understand why they’d want a bit more of the million dollar cake when without them the tv stops spinning and films are forced to be post-poned/shut down left and right. After barely a month.

In the future the internet WILL be a huge part of the market, both in movies and tv. It already is. While a lot of people are illegaly downloading their fave TV shows, a lot are also finding the legal stuff, such as the purchasable flicks, the i-tunes, etc. Right now the writers of these performances get nothing.

Blatantly speaking, shouldn’t nothing in pay checks at some point start equaling crappier writing, or none at all? And why is it so unfair or difficult to attempt an agreement on this? I’m not excellent with math, but even I get that the studios risk loosing millions on a pro-longed strike (no matter what they say about re-newals), and they will cave at some point.

The writers are stubborn, and they’ve got no huge sums (most of them) to go back to work for, so why not stay out striking until they feel treated justly? The studios, however, will need to seriously put effort into their preparation for Monday’s talks.

Stay safe and remember to enjoy the weekend (i.e. smile a little)


Speechless- creative writers make themselves heard Betty cast
kate beckinsale & david schwimmer

Check out the speechless campaign launched by United Hollywood. Stars like Sean Penn, David Schwimmer, Kate Beckinsale, Holly Hunter etc have joined up and lend their faces and… well, lack of voices, to a United Hollywood campaign that ought to shed more light upon the necessity of our writers and creative personell.

Deadline Hollywood and Nikki Fine’s got the exclusive on this, so head over there and look for more videos and info. Check out the United Hollywood website as well and update yourself, support the pencils2mediamoguls campaign, or just find out more about the issues the strike centers on…

…like internet residuals for writers.


November 21, 2007

Stay updated

Stay updated and informed on the WGA strike, check out the following

The WGA official
Nikki Fine's Deadline Hollywood
United Hollywood

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

As Variety and other (sponsored) sources have tended to give a very shrewd and one-sided version of reporting on the strike, there's good reason to check out more of the other side...


Save your shows! Pencils2Mediamoguls

Want to support your show? The future of tv? Want a fast and just resolution to the strike? Here's how you can help, anyone of you.

Remember Jericho? The fans gathered together and basically overloaded the studio by sending in truckloads of nuts. In the end, their show was set to come back. The audiences are important to the studios, we are their resources and the ones they must please to remain/get successful. We are the ratings.

At United Hollywod (basically the WGA got creative, it's what they do these days) blog you can check out how one dollar can support the writers and affect the studio CEOs.

It's a dollar per pack of pencils if you purchase them through the United Hollywood site (it's completely safe, and they use paypal). I've put down my own sparse funds into a few boxes to support my favorite show as well as all the others. The point with this campaign is to make sure the CEOs feel the pressure from the audiences and return to the tables with a fair attitude and awareness of the issues and the fans wishes.

For more information and to join in on the Mighty Pencil cause check out the United Hollywood Pencils2Mediamoguls site.

The writers are the base not only for our shows and our movies. Without their creativity and their pencils there are will be no shows and movies will start falling off one by one. The audiences are important, and wherever in the world you are and whatever show you're supporting you can make a difference.

Just remember, if you choose to send in pencils on your own make sure they are not sharpened and be polite.

Love and hoping as many of you as possible spread the word on this... Hopefully the 26 november talks will be successful.


youtube and the WGA strike

As the strike continues... Check out youtube to hear and see more of what's going on at the picket lines. There's tons of interviews with interesting and inspiring insights, some fun random blurbs, pleanty of creative writers talking and smiling, loads of the issues being discussed... Just surf around a little, get creative, and all that... It's a great way to support the striking writers in your own way (staying informed), and a fun way to learn more about your favorite shows, stars, tv making, and the issues at hand.

WGA strike, a love story

Found it adorable. What do you get when tons and tons of creative writers are forced to put their pens down? Restless writers, that's what. And what do they do? They get creative...

SP writer Ben Edlund striking

Here's a little treat. Writer and producer Ben Edlund walking the lines with his adorable kid...

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The Speechless without writers campaign

Check out the Speechless without writers campaign that's coming to a www near you soon...

A listers gather together to support the WGA as they stand before the camera speechless, and eventually hold up signs proclaiming them to be... you guessed it. Speechless.

A fun and interesting campaign that hits nerves and facts. We need our amazing writers for tv and film alike to remain artsy, creative, and all those wonderful things the audiences crave.


November 17, 2007

WGA, Jason Mraz, and other songs of Saturday night

Hey folks...

It's been a while, for which I apologize. There's been some serious crazyness going on in Hollywood and NY, and the TV/Film world in general. The WGA strike. Now a few weeks in we, the audiences, are starting to not only seriously feel the effects but also have gotten reasons to truly start sessions of group-hoping-thumb-holding for a quick and just resolution.

Clearly the writers have every right to the tiny pieces of the cake they're asking for. The online industry is a huge part of the future of cinema and especially TV. Legal downloading and distribution of the tv art these writers create for us is right now paying them nothing and the studio execs etc. loads more. Basically, this is the main issue of quarralling right now. The WGA is hoping to secure the business and rights for future generations of writers, and I applaud them in that fight.

However, if there is not a resolution to this dramtz anytime soon not only spring TV will suffer (no new eppis of our favourite shows, and no new pilots can be shot so no new shows until sometime -09). Sure, there's been talks of reality tv and game shows (big brother anyone *barfs violently in the corner*) . So support the writers any way you can, by sending pens (think the whole Jericho spectacle where fans rose up to make sure the show came back), by voicing your opinions, if you're living near go bake cup cakes for the picketers or something (or take the opportunity to run into some amazing creator and ask him/her all about everything, kindly and respectfully of course), or just by reading up on the developements and informing all your friends...

Now, recent updates are saying (from both sides of the struggle) that a back-to-the-talking-table plan is set up for November 26th, but this does NOT mean the strike will end or pause unless some quality options and agreements come out of those discussions (let's hope it'll mean a speedy and happy resolution). Studios will and are loosing money, and it may suck. But the strike could go on into June of next year. Come on, we don't want that. No one wants that.

In the end there's gonna be a solution anyhow, and a just one at that... So let's just speedy it up already and get there, say, yesterday...

Props to the show hosts like Leno and Letterman for supporting their writers, either buy handing out baked goodies or paying the salaries...

To check out news on the strike and find some good and balanced (Variety sure isn't telling the story from an objective perspective) reporting check out Nikki Fine's Deadline Hollywood site.

Oooohhh, and I was just watching Hairspray (2007), as in the recently filmed musical, with a couple of friends and John Travolta was just adorable in his role as Tracy's mom! Awh, back to the old days eh? And I must say Nikki Blonsky (Tracy Turnblad) does a fantastic job (it's her first movie)! The girl's so full of smiles and innocent yet sensible energy that is completely infectous. A must see to get up any mood over dinner. I can't believe I'm writing this, but Zac Efron really is growing into a modern day musical boy huh.

Lastly, i was introduced to Jason Mraz today as well and his overly-cheery 'I'm Yours'... Check it out, it's a bit of happy guitar, cuddly words (but not too chicky), and classic joy.

Much love darlings

Des... tPoW

October 28, 2007

The future is un-written

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Joe Strummer (born John Graham Mellor), co-founded and became the lead singer/guitarist of classic punk-rockers The Clash. Sadly Joe passed away in 2002, and now britt director Julien Temple has released a tribute documentary to Joe's life before, during, and after the Clash. Since the spring of 2007 The future is un-written has been screened on numerous festivals (official selection of Sundance and Dublin) and earned positive responces from fans, musicians, and newbies to the world of punk (in UK particularly) history.

Watch the tralier and go find a screening near you. Documentaries aren't always the way to spend your free evenings, but this one seems an honest attempt to deliver music and remember a musician as well as a man. Listen to the 'London burning' album whilst buying tickets too...


Supernatural update

Just a quick reminder, the last few episodes have been great. Can't wait to see where this is headed, and Sam's pouty face had me going all through 3.03. Anyhow, the message is that you need to TUNE IN!

The CW is barely promoting this show, which still holds its own against the big bads like Grey's and CSI, now it's in the hands of the fans to show that it deserves all six seasons (or something alike) that Kripke's asked for...


October 23, 2007

Samantha Who? Episode two

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After a somewhat shaky start, Appelgate is ready to prove that she means business… Again. From Kelly Bundy to leading the way in Jesse, she’s never left us in doubt that she’s got the comic streak. Now with one of the season’s most anticipated half hour new shows, we’ve got a fresh jumpy, big smiles, and crazy Samantha to un-wind to on Monday nights (with take away chineese food… it just seemed to fit).

Based on the amount of promotion put into this show prior to airing the pilot I would expect that ABC are hoping for at least a couple of seasons with steady numbers. While it’s certainly no Friends, Samantha’s definitely got potential. I just wish Appelgate would bring in some good old Jesse co-stars. I miss them…

There are definitely humourous moments, and there’s a long term storyline embedded somewhere. Plus, the focus is on Appelgate at all times, and whilst some of the back-up characters are feeling a little weak (no comments on the actors, who are doing fine) at the moment I can agree to write that off as early-show issues. Bottom line? There’s no denying that the girl can be funny, or that the show has potential to generate a steady stream of viewers, but in the end she can’t hold up the whole concept herself. The rest of the cast needs to put in their two cents as well, or rather their characters do…

Classic of the week: “Old me was a bitch!” Samantha


October 17, 2007

October Road update

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For all the fans out there, according to Jonathan Murphy's (Ronnie on October) myspace the show is returning Monday November 26th for a second season. ABC has not given any official dates yet (to my knowledge, drop a comment if you know more) but they have confirmed the show will return mid-season (check out the fall schedule here).


October 16, 2007

Supernatural, in kripke we trust

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I still claim that this show stands for some of the best stuff on tv these days, and has done so since the premiere back in the fall of -05 . However, as seen in my previous posting on the season three premiere, I as well as some parts of the fan base felt a bit reserved... Concerning the forum buzzing though, I suspect their main concerns (and mine) regard whether or not this will remain a two-man-show or if it's shaping into an ensamble gig?

And yes, Kripke has repeatedly assured us that will not happen. The show focuses on Dean, Sam, and the Impala. Oh, and the ghosts of course. Fine. Good. Okay. *breaths deep*

In the second third-season episode, The kids are alright, everything feels a bit more... right. I almost scold myself for having a moment of weakness and criticizing the season opener. Almost, but not entirely.

The brother's together-on-screen time is cut drastically short in this episode, but considering the storyline it works. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is focusing so hard on researching and translating curses that could help save big brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) from his impending hell-sentence with the help of Bobby (Jim Beaver) and trying his best to keep this behind Dean's back. As a result this keeps him rather pre-occupied and he easily agrees to being walzed off to some far-off town by Dean who wants to see an old flame/yoga instructor. However, when Dean realizes there's a very real hunt (the kids are doing impressive The Shining-twins reenactments) going on Sam seem clearly less than enthusiastic at having to shift his focus.

A few days after watching this episode I think I get it. Sure, there's changes and such are necessary for a show to move forward, and most importantly the season opener was definitely not as explosive nor creative in feel as season two's version, or the pilot, but in the end Kripke's got a plan. And in that we trust, right?

To sum it up, the second episode of the season had some great moments and beautiful screenplay. Jensen Ackles watching the Ben-kid (who knew his music) kick some bully-ass, Sam being a lously liar in front of his brother in the diner scene, and the kids making the use of the word 'mommy' even scarier.

Still, that suspence of researching before and during a hunt, the mysteries, the looking-into-dad's-journal-for-answers moments, the cleaning of the guns in shady hotel rooms while discussing ghosts and the family business... I miss that. More of that. Old school Supernatural.


PS. Once again, tune in on Thursday nights at 9/8 central on The CW to watch fresh episodes of Supernatural (or download them legally on iTunes or, if you're living in the states, view them through the CW to boost the ratings by letting the CW see the interest in the show). Only you can put it through into a season four...

I usually claim that big hit tv shows don't last past the third season. In this case, even taken into account my initial reservations, I definitely believe this has already passed being just a show, and if we can get it through into a fourth season it'll become a definite classic. There are insanely loyal fanbases out there, the comic has been launched (Supernatural origins, John Winchester, and the early years focus), and Wes Craven himself wants to direct episodes (don't let him though... all due respect, just don't. Hold onto the 'no one except maybe Stephen King' policy). Maybe it's because it never hit huge, but it's definitely holding it's own (against CSI and Grey's anatomy in the same time slot).

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Check out The Who's 'Kids are alright' on youtube.

October Road

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“Sometimes you’ve got to look back to see where you’re going”- October Road

There’s been a new discovery in my lately very small and restricted tv-land. The ABC show October Road, written by Josh Appelbaum (Alias) and c:o, premiered in March of 2007 with a six episode contract. For a long time fans feared this somewhat unique version of small town charm meets angsty writer and a troubled past would be cancelled, but as it turns out a second ‘season’ is in the coming sometime in the spring of 2008. Dates remain un-set, and the whole thing seems fairly shaky, but there has been ‘go’ sign, and it’s returning to TV.

The show focuses on Nick Garrett (Bryan Greenberg from OTH, Nobel Son, Prime) who left his home-town ten years ago to see a bit of the world. Back then he swore to return to his family, friends, and the special girl. Now he is a famed-up one-hit-wonder author who is awaiting inspiration for a new book in NY, but he never returned home. When the opportunity to do so arises Nick heads back hoping to find some bits of himself, as well as the inspiration to a future…

Yes, the plot sounds cheesy, but the show has a mature feel to it and characters that have a certain Everwood glow, as well as a bit of a different take on things. Maybe it’s because I’m a small town girl at heart, I don’t know, but there is something very recognizable in this show that most charmy alikes on tv are lacking. The ‘I grew up here, I’m going to work here, settle with my family, have beer at the local bar, and die here’ feeling that follows every character, mixed with the very real opportunity to be and do whatever. Somehow, it just seems more believable with the orange and windy backgrounds and an older imperfect cast.

It’s a cosy show that would probably not survive full seasons, and as it is ratings are not spectacular, but nonetheless it’s watch-worthy and a sweet mix of fun, heartwarming, annoying, and real. Something very Bryan Greenberg. That kid has talent for the record, and someone should put him in a new Crash, or as a new take on the young nutto kid in One flew over the cookos nest. He’s got that Jake Gyllenhaal thing going, but with a new slightly more personal take. At least have him spend more time on the big screen.

Oh, and look forward to seening Warren Christie (the lead vamp in Dead man’s blood on Supernatural) as well as That 70s show's Laura Prepon.


Ps. Updates on airing dates for the second season will be posted as soon as they reach my ears…

Mischa goes gay again

Just a bthw notice... just heard some rumblings on the most recent Mischa Barton (The OC, Sixth sense) attempting-hard-core-comeback movie Finding t.A.t.U. It's apparently based in parts on a real-life story relating to the russian pop-duo with the same name, and it could hold potential... but... well. It doesn't seem to. At all. In fact, it scares me in that BBBBB-movie way only a precious very few can (*coughs* Silent scream *coughs*).

Check out a preview here.

Honestly, the girl's a perfeclt alright acctress, can't someone give her a good script to work with? Or do stars like that never really move from teen-tv-hit (back) to the big screen?

XoXo boys and girls

Leno vs. Conan

As we are focusing on the world of tv I've gotta pose the question, Conan or Leno? Really. Honestly. The guy who kicks Letterman's behind each night, or the dude who looks like he just passed twelve. No offence. I'm just very partial right now.

Conan's fun and all. But he's not tonight show material yet! No! That's all Jay. And Kevin? What'll happen to sidekick guy?

I need therapy...



For the swedish speakers out there, check out this movieblog posting on girls, radio-show hosts, and larpers (lajvare, live-chatters with alternate online personalities...sorta).

"Hon sneglar på klockan. Behöver inga flygande skepp. Rastlös och tom. Hennes inre lajvare dog av undernäring för hundra år sen.Hon har flyttat till den snåla verkligheten.Typiskt tjejer."

("She glances at her watch. Doesn't need any floating ships. Restless and empty. Her inner larper died from undernourishment about a hundred years ago. She's moved on into the cheap reality. Typically girls.")

Oh... that hurts. But. Well. He's right. There's not many grown up women in spiffy suits and or cosmo-slaves that'd go see a movie like Stardust without a kid or boyfriend to pull them along.
Makes me kind of sad. Fantasy-worlds, fairy tales, amazing legends come to life, come on... that's awsome!


Talking about the big screen world, check out the promo of coming 20th century fox block-buster the Jumper, featuring Hayden Christensen (Star Wars ala 20th century), Rachel Bilson (The last kiss), and Samuel L. Jackson (Snakes on a plane).

There's a sorta-superhero thing going on there, with a new touch that makes Clark Kent look slightly... 19th century. Sorry superman, we need you and you know it, but Hayden and his fellows jump. Without tights. There's just something about that...

Plus, I really think both Hayden and Rachel are perfect for a movie like this. There seems to be nothing cheesy, cliche, chick-flicky, or dull about it. This is what we wanted fantastic four to be. Only so much more intriguing.

It's expected to hit the theaters in early 2008 (Februaryish). Go see it, I'm betting there's special effects well worth the popcorn throwing and hushed whispers all around atmosphere. Whoever said I couldn't be optimistic?



October 10, 2007

Supernatural returns... with a baamcrashpoof...

Okay... I've re-written this three times already. Still, I cannot keep the critique down. It's un-deniable. I love this show. But last thursday at nine there was nothing to be impressed by, just a lot of 'huh's.

Eric Kripke created an extraordinary concept which resulted in the 05 show Supernatural. Two brothers reconnecting, hunting evil and saving people, driving the metallicar Impala in and out of american folklore legends come to life each week, focusing on family. It was not an ensamble show, and its' strength lay in the sole two permanent actors. Together with magnificent writers and a lot of classic rock the result was extraordinary.

Season two opened up with 'In my time of dying' and not only held onto the extraodrinary, but raised the bar a notch into almost mind-blowing and quite brilliant land. Season three did no such thing. Season three scared me, though probably not in the intended manner.

The CW is failing, as are Supernatural's ratings (they have been for a while, and no matter what this posting says please tune in Thursdays at nine, it's really worth it) and one would presume this to be encouragement enough for Kripke and CO to work hard on maintaining the season one classic theme fans fell for, not re-inventing the show into what (and please let me be wrong) might turn into a chicky drama with demonslaying in the background.

There were three actors in the season premiere, Bobby and the Winchester boys. The rest of the cast were incredible dissapointments in that department. How much could be blamed on script remains to be seen, at least in Katie Cassidy's case (all respect to her as a girl and actress though). I will reserve judgement on her (and the other chick) character but I will say that barbie with the knife just did not spell hunter for me.

Of course, neither did Tamara and her hysterical reactions in the demon-bar. Or the fact that all of a sudden seven demons equal certain death and loads of angst. Hello demon plagues, the YED, the bug curse, the fricking FBI? Sure, they're demons, but really. Three hunters + Tamara (no way, I am not calling her a hunter)?

What happened? The first season was and will always be classic. The themes were clear: family, two brothers, folklore comes to life, hunting, weekly scares and some classic rock plus humour. It worked. Season two held high standards and the build up to the season finale was great ('What is and what should never be' should have given Jensen an Emmy, and the show a lot more recognition). There is no intensity left, did they run short? What happened to mind blowing and creative? Now we are left with what feels like awkwardly cut-short conversations between the brothers, demons and more demons that don't even put up that much of a fight (if these were so bad ass, then how come Meg alone seemed to be able to cause more trouble?), chicks with way too much makeup and thin shoulders...

I never thought I'd say this, but bring back Jo, her growls and knife twirling makes me think young hunter, just started hunter, girl who grew up in bar and rough crowds, believeble future bad ass, perfect fit in the Supernatural world of strange and dark. Plus, while the high heels at one point were ridiculous I can buy into that for her bar job, but she was raw.

Maybe some poppa Winchester flashbacks or crucial one-on-one time with the boys, the impala, and a good 'ol legend could snap this amazing show away from the suddenly appeared pit hole it's stumbling towards.

Summing up, I love this show with all my heart. The best thing on TV in a long time in my personal opinion, but that goes for season one, and yes I hold onto it for season two as well. 'The Magnificent Seven' was a dissapointment. Now keep your fingers crossed and tune in on Thursday to see where the tale takes us...



Ps. just a little additional note, Dean does the electric in the beginning. The high point of the episode. Which is actually not saying much, cause Dean doing that in a white tank top outshines quite alot. To discuss and read more on this and coming episodes go here (or see the comment board here).

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October 9, 2007

Execs, Fox, and Prison Break

Major spoiler alert for Prison Break, so stop reading if you DID NOT watch last night's episode...


It's confirmed, by SWC, Prison Break, and Fox. Sarah Tancredi is dead. It turns out that a number of drafts for the third season of Prison Break were rejected by the big guys over at Fox, finally resulting in last night's episode where doctor Sarah bade her adiue (well, more like her face flashed by in a millisecond). Alot of fans were shocked and dissapointed by the way she was killed off, especially considering the fact that she had just had a baby and all sources had, throughout the pregnancy, been very clear in emphasizing her return to the show after coming off maternity leave.

However, due to lack of agreement between PB, Fox, and SWC, that did not happen.

Executive producer Matt Olmstead explained that the writers had tried long and hard to prolong the time leading up to her death so as to allow for Michael and Sarah to have a proper good bye. They had, apparently, gone as far as offering to come up to SWC's home and shoot the scenes. Whether SWC refused or the execs at FOX kept putting pressure on the PB staff to do things differently for season three is not made clear. We are, however, told that the original plan did not look like this. The original plan was rejected...

I'm not sure what to think of it. Sure, the storyline is forced forward (poor desperate Michael when he finds out). Will they actually deal with this, or are we left with another Veronica scenario (I miss her!)? The next couple of episodes will let us know what turn the show is taking. The heart of the show remains the story of two brothers, but the sidelines and contexts are becoming blurrier and more entangled than might be workable. Somehow I'm no longer buying the concept, then again this may be a springboard for re-reinvention. Either way, SWC and doctor Tancredi will be missed. Greatly....

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*remember the good times*



ps. check out
for more information on the fall-out...

WB president says no more female leades

Jeff Robinov, the president of production at Warner Brothers, has made the (confirmed and real) statement that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead." This was, apparently, the result of 'The brave one' (starring Jodie Foster) and 'The Invasion' (Nicole Kidman) failing to make more than $34 million and $15 million respectively.


No more female leads here. He's still working there? When will they fire him? No really, when. I want to throw a minor party. The guy clearly forgot all about Million Dollar Baby and the likes. Plus, while The Brave one brought in less than expected to the box office I still highly doubt a) that this was a direct result of a female lead or b) that the WB made the expected winnings off every movie starring a dude.

The whole conversation just seems absurd. Poor guy, probably just made a statement in a rush. Still, thugh. Public apology or let him go. The guy obviously has problems picking winning movies, don't blame the talented ladies (or lads if you're heading there next). If the script is crappy, don't do the movie. This is not about female leads, this is about a guy who made some bad and costly decisions. Shame on him. Shame on the WB for just confirming and not making clear statements against these ideas.

Booooo... Go see the brave one in blatant protest!


to read more go to

October 7, 2007

Supernatural in the park

A little bit of YouTube promotion here... For a little more Supernatural to keep you going until thursday check out 'SP in the Park' at

to find out who killed Kenny?

And yes, the season premiere review is on its way, you know the episode where Dean did the electric... really, if you're not already watching, start. Yesterday.



October 3, 2007

Her hair!

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I just love her hair! That's such a chick flick thing to write, but I just found out (don't ask me about that, no really don't) that she colors it (she's really a grayish blonde, like others I know *points to self*) and I think it's just crazy hot on her.

That sounded cheesy...

You do unterstand the notion though. It's working for her, the red is getting her roles and she will now forever be associated with that. And the wife who did both Mc's on Grey's Anatomy. Yes. Well, they're all fairly good associations...

Hey, maybe it'll get her out of the Private Practice contract and onto some new roles. Or back to Grey's. Richard did say he'd keep her job open...

XoXo boys and girls

And on the ps note, come on with the comments... I love the e mails, but I love comments too guys *nudges*

October 2, 2007

Talking about that anatomy…

According to fresh ratings Grey’s Anatomy continues to loose its catch on viewers. CSI won the battle of Thursday night’s tv-audience according to the Nielsen ratings. Now I don’t want to say I told you so. Actually, I kinda do, but that is besides the point.

Most hit-shows focusing on drama and relationships last three season. Max. Then the storylines die out, and that one tangled messy romance get’s too effed for reality. So McDreamy and Meridith are still at it, or not, or are they? Only Shonda Rhimes knows for sure, and she will presumably try to squeeze out as much juicy crazyness from those two and the hard-core fans as is ever possible. The Izzy/George situation is really the only slightly interesting activity left. After the fourth season, though, just let it rest. That way, we can cherish the success it was.

In other news Heroes ratings are down as well. Will the phenomenon survive? Of course, or NBC will have to rely on Bionic Woman which, in all honesty, may not be the safest financial move.

Go to

to check out more rating and updates.

…oh and remember to start tuning in to Supernatural on the CW, thursday nights guys!


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September 27, 2007

Private Practice

href="" target="_blank">Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love Kate Walsh. She’s witty, she’s fun, she’s bubbly… All credits to her… I find most her castmates in PP quite alright too, in fact there is a certain something between Pauld Adelstein’s and Amy Brenneman’s characters that just makes me almost want to smile.

However, the first (official as a show) episode of Private Practice was, frankly, awful. I could not wait to see those end credits roll, and I repeatedly wanted to smack Naomi (Audra McDonald’s character) for no apparent reason, other than that she was boring. The whole composition.

The dialogues were too slow, the emotional scenes looked like a first draft, and the storylines felt stiff. Old. Boring…

There, that Bword again. The one that’s gotten into my head and just keeps repeating itself. What have they done to Addison? I probably should give it a second chance and sit through 1.02 as well, but then I might not be able to control that urge to shut down the TV. And that would just be awkward. You don’t just shut down Addison. Or Paul Adelstein for that matter… Damn it. Michael Grossman (director), you can do better!


September 25, 2007

'Into the Wild' with Sean Penn

"After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness."

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I have a weakspot for Sean Penn, even though I have yet (!) to manage catching 'Mystic River' (which I nevertheless believe includes his greatest work as an actor). He has previously dipped his toes into the producing/writing/directing world and sure, it has been okay. His acting has, thus far and in my personal opinion, outshined his work behind the camera (and he is an amazing actor). His IMDB page states that he is capable of "intensely moving work" and this fall that capability could hit us full force through Into the wild.

The movie is based both on a book and a true story (see cursive plot description in the beginning of this post), and the very concept blows me away. Whatever he has in store is definitely worth watching (and savouring). So, kids, don't wait... Go see art. And be sure to swing by later to give me all the goods on the quality later (i.e. drop reviews).


tPoW Desideria

Bthw, check out for some more (granted wikipedia-fixed) information and then google the guy. You'll be amazed, intrigued, and confused...

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21st Century consumer guide ...

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Cell phones… They used to be these big bundles of scary and intriguing. Then they grew smaller, and the black and gray screens sported games and pictures formed by dots and letters in the text messages. I remember my first phone with polyphonic ring tunes. I was so thrilled, I even paid a smaller fee to download some signals.

Of course, today the world of cellular technology looks a little bit different. After all it has been a total of, what, six years? Seven? since Nokia launched the polyphonic section. Now I am battling an internal struggle where the logical futuristic part (and dad) says I should go for a so called smart phone. You know the type, with the tinsy keyboard, the easy online connectivity, the kind that reminds you of a PDA only it is a phone with all these possibilities that threaten to overload your head.

Yet all I want is that ordinary Samsung with the mp3 player and calendar. The one that is so far from ordinary in my world, but still manages to be somehow old school. It is a phone, not a computer in the package of a buffed up phone.

Logic says to go with the flow of the future. But I am going to go with old school on this one I think. There are some things that continue to work, at least for a little while longer. Like leg warmers, human receptionists, Metallica… Yes, some things are worth bringing with you into the new chapters or the techworld.

And if I ever have kids they will definitely not be receiving smart-phones for their fifth birthday. Maybe soccer shoes with built-in mp3, but not cells.

XoXo my dears,

tPoW Desideria

September 22, 2007

Disturbia, the movie

There is something wicked going on in the house next door. Is the shady man with the Mustang actually a mass-murderer, and how many bikinis does the new girl-next-door actually own? These are some of the central questions in the drama/thriller Disturbia.

Yet, I am not dismissing it entirely. When I sat down to watch this movie I had high hopes. Maybe it was the promotion (probably financed because both Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix trilogy) and David Morse (The Good Son) were cast), or maybe just my need to put myself through susiciously cliché teen-flicks, but in the end I was… Neutral?

The storyline is hardly new, the concept of suspiciour neighborhood activity has definitely been heard of before. However, the cast (a mix of mature talent from the grown ups and fairly fresh and not so mainstream faces in the teens) and a lot of energy put into keeping it on the mature side of the line. In the end, that’s what keeps it afloat.

The script is not all bad. In fact the standard of the movie on a whole is a lot higher than the I know what you did last summer version of teen horror I grew up with. There are a lot of loose ends and ‘oh, come on spare me’s, and the body shots of Sarah Roemer (Ashley) feel a bit overdone. Too many bad jokes, and too many potential comic moments missed. The end feels pushed and a little cliché (as we see it coming since, say, twenty minutes into the movie).

The bottom line is that this is a teen/young adult movie, and as such sure. I see sixteen year olds sitting down with their friends and a lot of popcorn to watch this during a girl’s night in or on a thursday night. A blockbuster? Far from it, and I doubt anyone ever expected that.

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The most shocking part of the experience is, for me, to watch Carrie-Anne Moss in the late thirties/forty-ish mommy role. She does a good and suttle job, and together with David Morse she adds (despite of little screen time, which is actually the only way to go about this script) the needed spice. Nonetheless, I’m feeling a bit shellshocked to watch her not kick ass in a tight weird material black suits and sunglasses. It’s…Scary how normal she does, and how natural it seems.

Anyhow, suming up it’s intriguing enough to stick focused on the screen until the end, but there is hardly any mind activity required and the ten thousand gadgets teens use these days (makes you wonder how much the salaries must’ve gone up over the years) or the awkward kissandmakeout moments you can easily ignore in between kitchen-runs to make more tea (yes, tea).

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Disturbia (2007) Directed by D.J. Caruso and written by Christpoher B. Landon and Carl Ellsworth.

Until next time, tutu

/tPoW Desideria

September 19, 2007

Gossip Girl, series premiere

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (Cast of the CW's new Gossip Girl)

There are things about rich kids that fascinate us. We can't really put our fingers on it, but, hey, kids (and adults) all over the world tuned in to watch The OC. What the CW execs wanted to know, no doubt, was whether or not this interest had remained. Would anyone be watching to hear the latest on Gossip Girl?

Josh Schwartz has proven his excellence lies in a very specific genre; the world of teenage heartaches of the rich and fabulous. For the longest time I actually expected him to break free of the expectations and dazzle us all with something new. A movie maybe? Move on into the big world? Or perhaps take that dramatics he clearly has a knack for to a new level, and certainly bring the music with him? We got to know him as the wonder-boy, the too-young-to-be-true creator of an international hit which likes had not been seen in years (before it turned south, somewhere mid first season). Last night we learned whether or not the boy had grown up.

Gossip girl, based on the books by Cecily Von Ziegesar and turned to small screen format by Josh Schwarts and Stephanie Savage, may or may not be the hit the CW has been waiting for, their efforts in promoting it have certainlynot gone by un-noticed (is there even some desperation in the air?). The paralells to The OC are obvious and necessary, and cudos to the guys for not putting too much effort into downlplaying that.

The focus lies on a group of private school kids in NY, their stories told from the perspective of narrator and blogger gossip girl. There's Serena (Blake Lively), our very own (re-newed Marissa) good girl who used to be bad, or good, or maybe just misunderstood? We'll probably figure that out along the way. There is of course her best friend Blake (Leighton Meester) (who's boyfriend Serena screwed bthw) who is feeling a bit torn and angsty.

There’s also evil Chuck (Ed Westwick) who will probably turn out to have a sensitive side, although I'm hoping they just keep him an ass. So much more intriguing to watch. Dan (Penn Badgley) and little (naive) sister Jenny (Taylor Momsen) feel, what's the word, relatively normal.

Now we've moved further into the 21st century. Perez is blogging away much like the mysterious gossip girl, a new generation of fourteen-fifteen year olds are looking around for some new 90210 on tv, and, apparently, GG is now the only show shot entirely on location in NY. Certainly a whole batch of young girls will be tuning in to watch Blair balance impossibly high heels and Dan look hot and read books. Enough to be OC big? We'll see by christmas.

What of Josh then? Will he ever be more than the guy who makes teen-hit-gold on TV? Maybe he should stick to where his creativity fits best and the cash lies. Although I would still love to see him expand his horizons.

Quote of the topic: "I did punch someone." (Dan to Serena regarding their first 'date'... such Ryan Atwood flashbacks, good times good times.)

xo xo


Prison Break, S 3

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Paul Scheuring is back... The question on everyone's lips, of course, is whether or not he's returned with a blast.

Personally, I'd say he has a pretty good shot at going both up and down.

Incarserated in Sona, the prison of nightmares in Panama, sweet innocent little-brother Michael with the squinting eyes is trying desperately to survive without making waves while trusting big brother Lincoln on the outside to get him transferred, or at least to find Sarah. Whether or not he admits it, you can tell he's scared. Time to pull on the tough-guy facade pretty, only this time you might want to prepare yourself for reality. I have a strong feeling Paul will want to torture you a bit longer...

So to sum up a long story, it's back to basics. Prison Break has returned somewhat to the format which made viewers worldwide fall in love with the show in the first place. We're in prison, we've got one brother behind bars and one left to fight on the outside. We have returned to focus (hopefully season one style) on the bond of the two brother's, which last season escalated in a fist fight on the shores of Panama for a mere few seconds (not up to the standards of someone who created such a genious first season/show concept).

No, season two was no hit. Loyal fans stayed true to the show, and maybe it even gained a few new ones. However, too many storylines were left in the dark, and those told were not quite up to the standards we became accustomed to in season one.

Maybe we have been spoiled. No matter, one thing is for sure; season three will bring us new weekly cliffhangers. Love it, hate it, but tune in. It could crash and burn, or it could turn classic...


/tPoW Desideria

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September 16, 2007

The Fall Lineup -07

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Another year has begun, at least to those of us who live by the calendar of school or work. Or television. With all the depression over summer’s final hours and the back-to-the-real-world mania comes some happy points: the tv world is back in action!

With that a lot of us look to the US and the fall line ups for the goodie shots of reality-escape. The only question, which is resting on everyone’s lips, is whether or not there’s anything worthwhile in the newsstands.

The CW presents a number of new series to replace such classics as Gilmore girls, to which we bade adieu last spring, 7th Heaven, which finally ended after a mile long run, and of course the always fiery Reba, the lovely craziness will be missed. Will any of the newbies come through?

First off we see a theme being followed yet again in Aliens in America. Written by David Guarascio (who wrote/co-wrote some episode or another of the 90s comedy hit show Mad about you and is somewhat known for doing work on Just shoot me) and Moses Port (with a surprisingly similar bio as Mr. Guarascio), the show appears to be a mix of comedy and drama focusing on the life and family of a young boy who has found himself at the bottom of the high-school popularity ladder.

To aid him in his attempts at making friends mommy dearest orders in an exchange student. The brochure says he will be tall, blonde, and handsome, but instead a scrawny Pakistani little boy (who also happens to be a Muslim) ends up as the family’s latest temporary addition.

The storyline is old, and even after just sitting through the more lengthy promo the repetitiveness of the plot has me annoyed as well as bored. The promo for AiA includes scenes from a classroom where the teacher blatantly ignores and down-talks the Pakistani boy whilst the class proclaims fear and anger at his presence. Wow, way to re-new the concept guys, I can almost pretend not to recognize it…

As I have not yet witnessed the pilot (nor am I certain I will) I cannot dismiss the show completely. It seems like an attempt to do a little Hollywood spinning with the contemporary political climate of the world, and as always it is done in such a subtle manner… sort of…You know, not. If the world was painted in black and white life would be much too easy, and much too dark. That is why we have shades of gray, where a fuzzy land of contemplation is provided and where we can escape stereotypes and definitions. It does not become much more stereotype than this show. If you want to make a statement through your show against racism, high school bitching, or anything else then for heavens sake do it well! Only a very precious few can pull off comedy with meaning.I doubt this will be one of them.

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Which leads us to none other than Josh Schwartz and Gossip Girl, the one preview that actually tempted me to stay online. I admit it, shamefully, I watched through not just one but three various promos and sneak-peak scenes. There is just something about Josh that spells success story.

When he left The OC (well, took some leave at least) to hold its own it faltered. But what did he do? Not much. Yet when he ended his hit show it was classy, despite it all (yes, it hurts to write but I watched the finale… come on, it was Josh!), and I felt certain he had big things waiting ahead. The only question now is whether or not he will truly come through and merge into hit maker and magic fingered creator/writer or remain a one-hit-wonder child?

A part of me is cheering for him, and after my promo watching I’d say he stands a good chance. In Gossip Girl, which is apparently the only NY show shot entirely on location (good job CW!), he has mixed some of his classic recipes for success (you’ve got a secluded privileged world to which he grants us VIP invitations and lovable troubled/crazy enough characters) as well as some refreshments (like the blogging and the voice-cover by miss gossip girl (Kristen Bell) whoever she might be, how very Perez, and the private school costumes, which we saw some glimpses of at the end of Mischa’s run on the OC) as well as seemingle appropriate actor picks.

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The show is based on best selling girly books ‘Gossip Girl’ (google it) by Cecily von Ziegesar.

I will be watching the pilot, and I think I might just cross my fingers a bit in his favor. After all who am I to miss out on either cat fights or New York drama, especially when this one could turn out to be a classic… That is, if Josh stays at least somewhat involved (he recently spoke up in an article about staying fairly passive, only heading off to NY to say hi and inspire the crowd every once in a while).

Onto the other networks then, and I know I’m getting booring by now so let us just do the quick scan. We have a lot of experiments, it would appear, airing this fall. Bionic woman, on NBC, is one of them. And I didn’t think I would be saying this… but I like the promo. Come on, woman of steel. Or, you know. Loads of scary tech stuff, kicking butt? I think it could be fun. It is a re-invention of an old show and concept. The difference is, however, that today it no longer seems too far fetched. For example (see picture) Claudia Mitchell ( recently became the first woman to receive a bionic arm after a terrible motorcycle accident (wear helmets, and don’t ride them in traffic…yeah, sucks). The arm, it appears, is thought controlled. This is only one example of the results of science when it comes to replacing injured body parts. Scary? Yes. Sci-fi feeling? Definitely. Tragedy prevention? Could save your life…

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On the less serious note, maybe there is a cross-over with fluffy Smallville in the future, Clark and the chick with the green scanning eye facing it off. Yeah, I think I like it.
Then of course we have the Grey’s spinnoff Private Practice which has had people doubting ever since whispers started swirling on the internet about its existance. Now hold your horses pessimists (see that’s usually my job). I think it might work.

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While Grey’s Anatomy is struggling to renew itself entirely and survive with an intact fanbase (I give it another season, then it’s truly dead. If they keep airing it that’s because the network is afraid to drop a hit or insanely loyal), Private Practice feels like a concept we recognize but still manages to be refreshingly new. Addison has that… Thing. Maybe it is the red head thing, that fiery temper vibe that shows on camera (I do not care whether or not she colors it) or maybe it is a mix of a character that we started out hating but grew to if not love then remain intrigued about. She is fun. She is quirky. She is a Loralei who went to med school and had red hair. And I really want her to stay on TV. Not on Grey’s, because it would end her career, but here? Plus, Paul Adelstein has this air of adorable crazy naivity about his character. Out of Prison Break character, I just adore him.

For tonight, that's all folks...