October 16, 2007


Talking about the big screen world, check out the promo of coming 20th century fox block-buster the Jumper, featuring Hayden Christensen (Star Wars ala 20th century), Rachel Bilson (The last kiss), and Samuel L. Jackson (Snakes on a plane).

There's a sorta-superhero thing going on there, with a new touch that makes Clark Kent look slightly... 19th century. Sorry superman, we need you and you know it, but Hayden and his fellows jump. Without tights. There's just something about that...

Plus, I really think both Hayden and Rachel are perfect for a movie like this. There seems to be nothing cheesy, cliche, chick-flicky, or dull about it. This is what we wanted fantastic four to be. Only so much more intriguing.

It's expected to hit the theaters in early 2008 (Februaryish). Go see it, I'm betting there's special effects well worth the popcorn throwing and hushed whispers all around atmosphere. Whoever said I couldn't be optimistic?



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