October 16, 2007

October Road

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“Sometimes you’ve got to look back to see where you’re going”- October Road

There’s been a new discovery in my lately very small and restricted tv-land. The ABC show October Road, written by Josh Appelbaum (Alias) and c:o, premiered in March of 2007 with a six episode contract. For a long time fans feared this somewhat unique version of small town charm meets angsty writer and a troubled past would be cancelled, but as it turns out a second ‘season’ is in the coming sometime in the spring of 2008. Dates remain un-set, and the whole thing seems fairly shaky, but there has been ‘go’ sign, and it’s returning to TV.

The show focuses on Nick Garrett (Bryan Greenberg from OTH, Nobel Son, Prime) who left his home-town ten years ago to see a bit of the world. Back then he swore to return to his family, friends, and the special girl. Now he is a famed-up one-hit-wonder author who is awaiting inspiration for a new book in NY, but he never returned home. When the opportunity to do so arises Nick heads back hoping to find some bits of himself, as well as the inspiration to a future…

Yes, the plot sounds cheesy, but the show has a mature feel to it and characters that have a certain Everwood glow, as well as a bit of a different take on things. Maybe it’s because I’m a small town girl at heart, I don’t know, but there is something very recognizable in this show that most charmy alikes on tv are lacking. The ‘I grew up here, I’m going to work here, settle with my family, have beer at the local bar, and die here’ feeling that follows every character, mixed with the very real opportunity to be and do whatever. Somehow, it just seems more believable with the orange and windy backgrounds and an older imperfect cast.

It’s a cosy show that would probably not survive full seasons, and as it is ratings are not spectacular, but nonetheless it’s watch-worthy and a sweet mix of fun, heartwarming, annoying, and real. Something very Bryan Greenberg. That kid has talent for the record, and someone should put him in a new Crash, or as a new take on the young nutto kid in One flew over the cookos nest. He’s got that Jake Gyllenhaal thing going, but with a new slightly more personal take. At least have him spend more time on the big screen.

Oh, and look forward to seening Warren Christie (the lead vamp in Dead man’s blood on Supernatural) as well as That 70s show's Laura Prepon.


Ps. Updates on airing dates for the second season will be posted as soon as they reach my ears…

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Anonymous said...

October Road will be coming back in Late November according to Kristin @ E!online but no set date has been annocunced.