October 3, 2007

Her hair!

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I just love her hair! That's such a chick flick thing to write, but I just found out (don't ask me about that, no really don't) that she colors it (she's really a grayish blonde, like others I know *points to self*) and I think it's just crazy hot on her.

That sounded cheesy...

You do unterstand the notion though. It's working for her, the red is getting her roles and she will now forever be associated with that. And the wife who did both Mc's on Grey's Anatomy. Yes. Well, they're all fairly good associations...

Hey, maybe it'll get her out of the Private Practice contract and onto some new roles. Or back to Grey's. Richard did say he'd keep her job open...

XoXo boys and girls

And on the ps note, come on with the comments... I love the e mails, but I love comments too guys *nudges*

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