October 10, 2007

Supernatural returns... with a baamcrashpoof...

Okay... I've re-written this three times already. Still, I cannot keep the critique down. It's un-deniable. I love this show. But last thursday at nine there was nothing to be impressed by, just a lot of 'huh's.

Eric Kripke created an extraordinary concept which resulted in the 05 show Supernatural. Two brothers reconnecting, hunting evil and saving people, driving the metallicar Impala in and out of american folklore legends come to life each week, focusing on family. It was not an ensamble show, and its' strength lay in the sole two permanent actors. Together with magnificent writers and a lot of classic rock the result was extraordinary.

Season two opened up with 'In my time of dying' and not only held onto the extraodrinary, but raised the bar a notch into almost mind-blowing and quite brilliant land. Season three did no such thing. Season three scared me, though probably not in the intended manner.

The CW is failing, as are Supernatural's ratings (they have been for a while, and no matter what this posting says please tune in Thursdays at nine, it's really worth it) and one would presume this to be encouragement enough for Kripke and CO to work hard on maintaining the season one classic theme fans fell for, not re-inventing the show into what (and please let me be wrong) might turn into a chicky drama with demonslaying in the background.

There were three actors in the season premiere, Bobby and the Winchester boys. The rest of the cast were incredible dissapointments in that department. How much could be blamed on script remains to be seen, at least in Katie Cassidy's case (all respect to her as a girl and actress though). I will reserve judgement on her (and the other chick) character but I will say that barbie with the knife just did not spell hunter for me.

Of course, neither did Tamara and her hysterical reactions in the demon-bar. Or the fact that all of a sudden seven demons equal certain death and loads of angst. Hello demon plagues, the YED, the bug curse, the fricking FBI? Sure, they're demons, but really. Three hunters + Tamara (no way, I am not calling her a hunter)?

What happened? The first season was and will always be classic. The themes were clear: family, two brothers, folklore comes to life, hunting, weekly scares and some classic rock plus humour. It worked. Season two held high standards and the build up to the season finale was great ('What is and what should never be' should have given Jensen an Emmy, and the show a lot more recognition). There is no intensity left, did they run short? What happened to mind blowing and creative? Now we are left with what feels like awkwardly cut-short conversations between the brothers, demons and more demons that don't even put up that much of a fight (if these were so bad ass, then how come Meg alone seemed to be able to cause more trouble?), chicks with way too much makeup and thin shoulders...

I never thought I'd say this, but bring back Jo, her growls and knife twirling makes me think young hunter, just started hunter, girl who grew up in bar and rough crowds, believeble future bad ass, perfect fit in the Supernatural world of strange and dark. Plus, while the high heels at one point were ridiculous I can buy into that for her bar job, but she was raw.

Maybe some poppa Winchester flashbacks or crucial one-on-one time with the boys, the impala, and a good 'ol legend could snap this amazing show away from the suddenly appeared pit hole it's stumbling towards.

Summing up, I love this show with all my heart. The best thing on TV in a long time in my personal opinion, but that goes for season one, and yes I hold onto it for season two as well. 'The Magnificent Seven' was a dissapointment. Now keep your fingers crossed and tune in on Thursday to see where the tale takes us...



Ps. just a little additional note, Dean does the electric in the beginning. The high point of the episode. Which is actually not saying much, cause Dean doing that in a white tank top outshines quite alot. To discuss and read more on this and coming episodes go here (or see the comment board here).

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