October 16, 2007

Supernatural, in kripke we trust

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I still claim that this show stands for some of the best stuff on tv these days, and has done so since the premiere back in the fall of -05 . However, as seen in my previous posting on the season three premiere, I as well as some parts of the fan base felt a bit reserved... Concerning the forum buzzing though, I suspect their main concerns (and mine) regard whether or not this will remain a two-man-show or if it's shaping into an ensamble gig?

And yes, Kripke has repeatedly assured us that will not happen. The show focuses on Dean, Sam, and the Impala. Oh, and the ghosts of course. Fine. Good. Okay. *breaths deep*

In the second third-season episode, The kids are alright, everything feels a bit more... right. I almost scold myself for having a moment of weakness and criticizing the season opener. Almost, but not entirely.

The brother's together-on-screen time is cut drastically short in this episode, but considering the storyline it works. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is focusing so hard on researching and translating curses that could help save big brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) from his impending hell-sentence with the help of Bobby (Jim Beaver) and trying his best to keep this behind Dean's back. As a result this keeps him rather pre-occupied and he easily agrees to being walzed off to some far-off town by Dean who wants to see an old flame/yoga instructor. However, when Dean realizes there's a very real hunt (the kids are doing impressive The Shining-twins reenactments) going on Sam seem clearly less than enthusiastic at having to shift his focus.

A few days after watching this episode I think I get it. Sure, there's changes and such are necessary for a show to move forward, and most importantly the season opener was definitely not as explosive nor creative in feel as season two's version, or the pilot, but in the end Kripke's got a plan. And in that we trust, right?

To sum it up, the second episode of the season had some great moments and beautiful screenplay. Jensen Ackles watching the Ben-kid (who knew his music) kick some bully-ass, Sam being a lously liar in front of his brother in the diner scene, and the kids making the use of the word 'mommy' even scarier.

Still, that suspence of researching before and during a hunt, the mysteries, the looking-into-dad's-journal-for-answers moments, the cleaning of the guns in shady hotel rooms while discussing ghosts and the family business... I miss that. More of that. Old school Supernatural.


PS. Once again, tune in on Thursday nights at 9/8 central on The CW to watch fresh episodes of Supernatural (or download them legally on iTunes or, if you're living in the states, view them through the CW to boost the ratings by letting the CW see the interest in the show). Only you can put it through into a season four...

I usually claim that big hit tv shows don't last past the third season. In this case, even taken into account my initial reservations, I definitely believe this has already passed being just a show, and if we can get it through into a fourth season it'll become a definite classic. There are insanely loyal fanbases out there, the comic has been launched (Supernatural origins, John Winchester, and the early years focus), and Wes Craven himself wants to direct episodes (don't let him though... all due respect, just don't. Hold onto the 'no one except maybe Stephen King' policy). Maybe it's because it never hit huge, but it's definitely holding it's own (against CSI and Grey's anatomy in the same time slot).

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Check out The Who's 'Kids are alright' on youtube.

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