October 16, 2007


For the swedish speakers out there, check out this movieblog posting on girls, radio-show hosts, and larpers (lajvare, live-chatters with alternate online personalities...sorta).

"Hon sneglar på klockan. Behöver inga flygande skepp. Rastlös och tom. Hennes inre lajvare dog av undernäring för hundra år sen.Hon har flyttat till den snåla verkligheten.Typiskt tjejer."

("She glances at her watch. Doesn't need any floating ships. Restless and empty. Her inner larper died from undernourishment about a hundred years ago. She's moved on into the cheap reality. Typically girls.")

Oh... that hurts. But. Well. He's right. There's not many grown up women in spiffy suits and or cosmo-slaves that'd go see a movie like Stardust without a kid or boyfriend to pull them along.
Makes me kind of sad. Fantasy-worlds, fairy tales, amazing legends come to life, come on... that's awsome!

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