September 19, 2007

Gossip Girl, series premiere

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There are things about rich kids that fascinate us. We can't really put our fingers on it, but, hey, kids (and adults) all over the world tuned in to watch The OC. What the CW execs wanted to know, no doubt, was whether or not this interest had remained. Would anyone be watching to hear the latest on Gossip Girl?

Josh Schwartz has proven his excellence lies in a very specific genre; the world of teenage heartaches of the rich and fabulous. For the longest time I actually expected him to break free of the expectations and dazzle us all with something new. A movie maybe? Move on into the big world? Or perhaps take that dramatics he clearly has a knack for to a new level, and certainly bring the music with him? We got to know him as the wonder-boy, the too-young-to-be-true creator of an international hit which likes had not been seen in years (before it turned south, somewhere mid first season). Last night we learned whether or not the boy had grown up.

Gossip girl, based on the books by Cecily Von Ziegesar and turned to small screen format by Josh Schwarts and Stephanie Savage, may or may not be the hit the CW has been waiting for, their efforts in promoting it have certainlynot gone by un-noticed (is there even some desperation in the air?). The paralells to The OC are obvious and necessary, and cudos to the guys for not putting too much effort into downlplaying that.

The focus lies on a group of private school kids in NY, their stories told from the perspective of narrator and blogger gossip girl. There's Serena (Blake Lively), our very own (re-newed Marissa) good girl who used to be bad, or good, or maybe just misunderstood? We'll probably figure that out along the way. There is of course her best friend Blake (Leighton Meester) (who's boyfriend Serena screwed bthw) who is feeling a bit torn and angsty.

There’s also evil Chuck (Ed Westwick) who will probably turn out to have a sensitive side, although I'm hoping they just keep him an ass. So much more intriguing to watch. Dan (Penn Badgley) and little (naive) sister Jenny (Taylor Momsen) feel, what's the word, relatively normal.

Now we've moved further into the 21st century. Perez is blogging away much like the mysterious gossip girl, a new generation of fourteen-fifteen year olds are looking around for some new 90210 on tv, and, apparently, GG is now the only show shot entirely on location in NY. Certainly a whole batch of young girls will be tuning in to watch Blair balance impossibly high heels and Dan look hot and read books. Enough to be OC big? We'll see by christmas.

What of Josh then? Will he ever be more than the guy who makes teen-hit-gold on TV? Maybe he should stick to where his creativity fits best and the cash lies. Although I would still love to see him expand his horizons.

Quote of the topic: "I did punch someone." (Dan to Serena regarding their first 'date'... such Ryan Atwood flashbacks, good times good times.)

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