September 25, 2007

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Cell phones… They used to be these big bundles of scary and intriguing. Then they grew smaller, and the black and gray screens sported games and pictures formed by dots and letters in the text messages. I remember my first phone with polyphonic ring tunes. I was so thrilled, I even paid a smaller fee to download some signals.

Of course, today the world of cellular technology looks a little bit different. After all it has been a total of, what, six years? Seven? since Nokia launched the polyphonic section. Now I am battling an internal struggle where the logical futuristic part (and dad) says I should go for a so called smart phone. You know the type, with the tinsy keyboard, the easy online connectivity, the kind that reminds you of a PDA only it is a phone with all these possibilities that threaten to overload your head.

Yet all I want is that ordinary Samsung with the mp3 player and calendar. The one that is so far from ordinary in my world, but still manages to be somehow old school. It is a phone, not a computer in the package of a buffed up phone.

Logic says to go with the flow of the future. But I am going to go with old school on this one I think. There are some things that continue to work, at least for a little while longer. Like leg warmers, human receptionists, Metallica… Yes, some things are worth bringing with you into the new chapters or the techworld.

And if I ever have kids they will definitely not be receiving smart-phones for their fifth birthday. Maybe soccer shoes with built-in mp3, but not cells.

XoXo my dears,

tPoW Desideria

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