September 27, 2007

Private Practice

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I love Kate Walsh. She’s witty, she’s fun, she’s bubbly… All credits to her… I find most her castmates in PP quite alright too, in fact there is a certain something between Pauld Adelstein’s and Amy Brenneman’s characters that just makes me almost want to smile.

However, the first (official as a show) episode of Private Practice was, frankly, awful. I could not wait to see those end credits roll, and I repeatedly wanted to smack Naomi (Audra McDonald’s character) for no apparent reason, other than that she was boring. The whole composition.

The dialogues were too slow, the emotional scenes looked like a first draft, and the storylines felt stiff. Old. Boring…

There, that Bword again. The one that’s gotten into my head and just keeps repeating itself. What have they done to Addison? I probably should give it a second chance and sit through 1.02 as well, but then I might not be able to control that urge to shut down the TV. And that would just be awkward. You don’t just shut down Addison. Or Paul Adelstein for that matter… Damn it. Michael Grossman (director), you can do better!


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