December 27, 2007

Strike costs

Just got some numbers on teh 1988 strike. Started in March and lasted for 22 weeks, costing the industry approximately half a BILLION dolalrs. This strike is expected to exceed $200 million a month in losses (for LA) by january. This means not only the execs and studios are loosing money like crazy but there are the assistants, crews, directors, all of those currently out of work and lookign forward to a season without tv shows being recorded, and the writers are (or heading there) struggling financially...

Half a billion dollars... And turns out that apparantly the studios are happy to have a chance at cleaning up so they've pretty much made up their minds about cancelling spring tv and pilots ala 08/09... I'm hoping that's just rumors and really really bad jokes.

Support the writers at and find freash info and objective reporting on the strike at Nikki Fine's

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