March 5, 2008

OTH- Running to stand still s5e13


Hm… I actually have to say I’m impressed with OTH’s new season. There’s a lot of the old worn-out drama there which, yeah, get’s a bit boring the fiftieth time around. But in last night’s (ep 10) episode the Haley and Nathan scenes made up for a lot of that. Plus, Q is really growing on me (I can’t believe I said that…).

Being a fan of gorgeous Bethany Joy Lenz/Galeotti’s musical aspirations I have a lot of respect for her in whatever undertakings she ventures into, and as far as the role of Haley I loved her portrayal from the start (although I think the writing changed her character pretty drastically pretty quickly… perhaps not always for the better). Lenz/Galeotti’s interactions with on-screen hubby (as of the moment) Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty, the formerly youngest member of the cast), and the Naley-couplings strong fan base support, has obviously become quite the pillar in the show as well. Last night, though, that pillar once more suffered a blow. And this time, the question is if the writers are trying to bring in more spices by tearing them apart (again… although they haven’t got the track record of the Peyton-Lucas-Brooke triangle. The last lines of that eppi, and the play out of those scenes sorta confirmed the shift into the ‘grown up’ world as opposed to the teenage dramz that colored the series for four seasons.

As far as the rest of the 10th episode of season five, it was alright. Dan (Paul Johansson) was back, and as always the creepy slightly insane and sneakily malicious voice of the Scott brother’s daddy dearest seemed like a lost member of the team that had come back home. The guy nails the role a bit too well (although, come on, give the man a break. Have him parolled and make him turn out really evilly in that sneaky way. Like, really really turn around).

Peyton (Hillarie Burton) did some verbal tango with her former boss and defended her label and only artist, yay. Brooke (Sophia Bush) brought the bar tender to NY to show off her business and real estate, but ended up running across good old Rachel (Daneel Harris), whom I actually came to love in all her wicked ways. I mean come on, you crash your car over a bridge, almost hook up with Mouth, almost steal the cheer squad from Brooke and end up the cause of a fist fight (that was her, right?), and then get expelled, and then… Well, she was nice. In a whirl-windy slightly insane way. Just, please, have her say other lines than “I don’t wanna be alone” while pouting next time, kay? Great and not (really) a too surprising twist of her storyline but… I’m pretty sure there could’ve been more acting and lines thrown in that direction.

Ok, main point though. Nanny Carrie (doesn’t that just sound like one of the original Carrie sequels?) is the evil bitch version of Dan. Lindsay was… Where the he*l was she? I missed her non-tree-hilly ness! And Jamie (Jackson) was adorably awesome as always (dude, he’s how old?). And, the big pressing issue is how serious the ‘D’ word was at the end of the episode… Tune in to find out. Eh…
Well come on guys, this isn’t exactly The OC. It’s a guilty pleasure... one of a few. Many. Alright whatever, it pops on every once in a while and every once in a while it rocks (actually, that happens at least for a few lines every other eppi).



P.S. The CW has officially announced a sixth season is ordered.

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