January 12, 2008

AMPTP vs WGA- the dirty practices


So I was doing my daily update of Nikki Finke's deadline hollywood daily page, and I stumbled accross this very interesting posting about the AMPTP's bratty attempts at putting the WGA in a bad light. Now, obviously, both sides have had their moments of... less than admirable behaviour. But really, this one just seemed so desperate I almost feel the tinsiest bit sorry for the AMPTP people. No disrespect intended.

For example:

-->The other day, an AMPTP consultant tried to start a rumor that a WGA exec was connected to child pornography.
-->The AMPTP repeatedly lies that the WGA has "a $30 million PR fund" to spread public information about the strike when the reality is that the WGA's entire communications budget is several hundred thousand dollars.

Check out more goodies here, and have a nice little high pitched and terrified laugh. These are the people who need to sit down and actually make a deal with the WGA?

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