January 13, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres tonight!

The new series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres on Sunday, January 13, 8/7c and you can catch the continuation already on Monday January 14, 9/8c on FOX.

Basically it's the continuation of Sarah and her son's story post T2. And it looks awsome. There's pleanty of fighting, there's guns blazing, all kinds of crazy machinery, a presumable ass kicking mother and son team, and of course the girl from Serenity, Summer Glau, (happiness) is back to portray Cameron, John's protector, and she just happens to be a machine... Oh the dramz and the action. Maybe there's hope for the TV world after all *grins*...

Check out the Sarah Connor Chronicle's blog with pleanty of photos and videos for more fun and randomness.

Oh and there's also a great interview clip over at TV.com, so head there and watch if you're up to it. Oh, and of course fest on the good old movies too.

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