January 13, 2008

Supernatural fresh episodes Jan. 31st


Supernatural returns on Thursday of January 31st at 9/8c on The CW. Tune in, enjoy, and spread the word.

As for the rumors out there that SPN is being canned for Reaper, not true. Reaper will be airing in that time slot a bit later on, allowing the CW to put out all the fresh episodes they've got avaliable. SPN re-runs will probably be returning once Reaper is out of epis, and as for survival chances there have been indicators online (that low but steady buzzing sound you hear) that a fourth season is prob more likely for SPN than a re-newal for Life is Wild or alot of other shows...

Oh, and the ratings of the season shows SPN and Smallville beating Gossip Girl and Life is Wild once into the season.

Now let's only keep our fingers crossed for the writers strike to come to a swift and just end so that everyone can get back to work. Crews have been fired left and right, and as for the SPN's Vancouver based crew approximately 250 people were let go before the hollidays according to Kripke and Singer. Hopefully a majority of them can be re-hired once (if...) production starts up again in the winter/spring.

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