January 10, 2008

TV throwdown poll- Supernatural and OTH takes win (and they both return)


So, onto some news here. E Online's Kristin has been managing a TV throwdown poll where fns could vote for their favourite 2007 tv show. Turns out she wasn't quite expecting fans to go berserk, but the one tree hill and supernatural leagues did.

One tree hill scored a whoopping 28% and Supernatural got 29% of the votes of a total of about 100 shows. A new poll has now been posted where these two shows have been removed to give the other series a fair chance, but still this is good news. Both these shows have been in the gray zone regarding renewals before, and while fans all over the world are putting their will power together and craving a season four (...and five, and six, and seven if Kripke expresses the wish for it) of Supernatural and the remaining ten (un-filmed) episodes of One Tree Hill's season five nothing is for sure yet.

Thus, polls like these are great as they end up being considered and most of all noticed by those big bads holding the power of giving the 'go ahead' light.

And as for return dates, One Tree Hill is back on Tuesdays (starting with the double ep on the 9th), and Supernatural will take back Thursdays with a storm starting on the 31st of January (with four filmed episodes to be aired).

I gotta say I'm not a big fan of Kristin's interviews (there's just something... so gossipy about them), but her tv-addict blog is pleanty of fun and there's always the occasional scoupe. Check it out here.

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