January 10, 2008

The non-political election


The first votes are in, and both Hillary and Obama were victorious. However, news reports were raving Obama's victory, while the chick was taunted with "awww... did the little girl cry?" statements.

This seems to have become a race increasingly focused on two things, skin color and sex. Apparently, the white house isn't ready to see a woman age (apparently her wrinkles are a danger to the politics of the US), and the black man really only needs to flaunt his racial heritage and voters swarm.

Could this election get any further from the issues at hand? Like, say, who has the most experience for taking on the role of president, who would be most secure in the role, and/or who is most prepared for the job (to reference to Clinton's statement of which of the candidates knew today what they would be doing the first day in the office?)? If we pick the chick we're being racist to the dude, if we pick the dude we're being sexist to the chick. Apparently, according to the media, right now picking the chick is worse... What does that say about us? And how sad doesn't that make us?

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